Horst Mahler Fights On – By Udo Voigt

Translated from German into English by germanvictims.com

Dear friends, comrades and patriots,

The many bad news about Comrade Mahler have led me to go to him today to personally inform myself about his state of health. So I went with my speaker Uwe Meenen to Brandenburg.

After almost an hour of searching, we found a dark cellar in a former hospital building that looked like a mortuary. Here was the prison infirmary with an entrance protected by reinforced doors and gates. I presented my special passport at the entrance confirming my status as a Member of the European Parliament and was told immediately, that we must first make a written request for a visit. I insisted that I be admitted because the European Parliament decided in the spring that delegates from all EU Member States had the right to visit detainees unannounced so that they could check on the spot whether fundamental and human rights were being respected. After just over half an hour of waiting, a picky official came to us and said: “You cannot see Horst Mahler without the written permission of the director!“ I was not allowed to take my mobile phone or camera with me during the visit.

After these formalities had been completed, the gates and massive doors in front of us opened, and I saw a guard at the end of the corridor standing in front of an open door waving to me to move forward. I went into a hospital room where the smell made me nauseous. A nurse put an infusion into Horst’s arm. He looked up, and I saw that he smiled at me,

„Udo, you are here! What a pleasant surprise!“

and he greeted me with his free hand.

After the nurse had measured his blood pressure again, she almost left us alone when a guard stood behind the door between open doors.

We could talk for almost two hours, and Horst was the one who spoke two thirds of the time. Politically he was fully aware of the situation because there was a television in his room, and he could follow news, political programs and debates. His laptop had been removed and replaced by an old typewriter. He receives his mail 7 to 14 days after being censored and is allowed to read up to three books at a time. He drew my attention to Manuel Seitenbecher’s biography „Mahler, Maschke & Co – Rechtes Denken in der 68er Bewegung?“ [Mahler, Maschke & Co – right-wing thinking in the “68 Movement”] that he read and considered it to be extraordinarily objective. ( https://www.schoeningh.de/katalog/titel/978-3-506-77704-1.html )

Horst Mahler then asked me to relay his greetings to Ursula Haverbeck on her 90th birthday. Since I had a birthday card in my jacket, I gave him a pen and asked him to write it himself.

[Translation of text on the birthday card:]

Brandenburg, Sept. 11, 2018

Dear Ursula,

Whatever might be waiting for us, we succeeded. The German will be free.

I think in gratitude about our work together.

Hold on! I am trying.


Only at the last minute did Horst Mahler mention his health problems. He has now overcome pneumonia; however, not without difficulties. But he is still worried about his leg because the doctors have diagnosed sepsis and cannot rule out a foot amputation. But this time, he said, he is getting very good medical care. He certainly does not ask for mercy but for appropriate treatment. He did not see this as an act of mercy on the part of the state but as a result of divine intervention!

About his persecutors he said: “They can kill me because I have already said everything. I am fully aware that I must try to defend the Christian West with body and soul.”

When asked about the smugness with which the authorities view migrants‘ sexual assaults in terms of official incentives to accept the allogenic invasion, not to mention the long-standing policy of expatriation at the expense of the Germanic people, he replied with a memorable sentence:

“Their unreasonable behavior is necessary to restore again meaning to reason.”

When the time for the medical visit had come, Horst said goodbye to me with unusual warmth and asked me to make these things public by making it clear to his friends and enemies that he has not given up the fight, and that he will continue to fight and express his opinion freely! He was still there, the old Horst. That’s how I remember him on his first attempts!

Brandenburg, November 9, 2018

Udo Voigt, Member of the European Parliament

source: https://wir-sind-horst.com/