The Fight for Justice – Alfred Schaefer

The Fight for Justice – Alfred Schaefer
By Henry Hafenmayer
October 28, 2018


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Now our Monika [Schaefer] is free again, and, of course, decent people are happy about this. Nevertheless, the verdict for Monika Schaefer is not a verdict that can be regarded as „spoken in the name of the people.“ It was proven again in the Munich „Schaefer trial“ that whoever has the power, turns the laws around so that they fit into the murky machinations.

Alfred Schaefer was sentenced to 3 years and 2 months imprisonment and remains imprisoned for now. “For now” means until the law will again be regarded as just law on German soil.

„But everybody may believe what he wants. This is covered by the freedom of opinion act as long as one does not criminalize oneself,”

…is said to have been proclaimed by the chairman of the Munich courts in his spoken judgement. Anyone who does not feel infuriation when a „judge“ deprives the term „freedom of opinion“ of its meaning by using Talmudic dialectics, can probably also be sold apples as pears. Naturally, it must be regarded as dangerous by the guardians of the lie, if one calls a lie “a lie,” and so they justify themselves without further ado:
“He who does not believe what is prescribed, commits a crime!”

Haven’t we had this before? Haven’t „witches“ been burned for it because they couldn’t „believe“?

And how the Jewish curriculum functions so that the masses of people don’t even get the idea to question anything, is seen by the „judge’s” comments who says:
The word „folk-incitement“ (Volksverhetzung) also contains the word hate, and this hate cannot be eliminated from the world by pseudo-scientific arguments.

If only one argument of the guardians of the Holocaust religion, only one alleged „fact“ – of which there are said to be so many – were only one-tenth as scientifically tenable as the arguments of the revisionists, it would not be necessary to keep the lie alive by violence, imprisonment and murder. The masses actually believe that these arguments by the “deniers” are unscientific assertions, and that this can be comprehended by every thinking person. But the masses are too sluggish, too cowardly or too indifferent to deal with the arguments. After all, one newspaper reported that the „unbelievers“ are all just simply evil.

As told very descriptively, easily to understand and logically in an old church song – at least I have been told that it is already very old and comes from a song book of the church – it has always been the joy of the rulers – no matter whether malicious priests or other authorities – when the masses are only “dead cattle“, as long as they function obediently:

„Only dead fish always swim with the current,
let themselves drift with all others,
have neither the strength nor the courage to do anything else,
but stay among a big mass.
Be a living fish,
swim against the current!
Come and dare it anew:
Joy and victory is your reward.“

Evil does not reign in the world because there are too few decent people but because the basically decent and good folks look the other way out of cowardice, keep quiet and convince themselves that everything will be fine again all by itself.

Even if you, dear readers and good people, have not yet met Monika and Alfred [Schaefer] personally, you can believe their friends that these people neither hate so-called minorities, nor even dream of denying other peoples their right to exist on our planet. When this ghost of a judge, who is currently allowed to reign, claims:

„One had experienced a trial where poetry and truth were very far apart and videos had been made with great criminal energy and pseudo-scientific evidence that were capable of disturbing lawful behavior and inciting hatred against minorities,“

then this is just another chess move that was ordered by an „appointed“ authority to instill in people the believe that the Schaefer siblings are the devil. And who needs to distract from himself and point at others claiming that they are the devil? The logical answer to this question can only be: The devil himself!

The crowning reasoning for the spoken judgement – at least that’s how I see it – is the following statement:

„If he pretends to be interested in German history, it need not degenerate into such hatred.“

Alfred Schaefer, a German who grew up in Canada, and who in his fifties for the first time researched the history of his ancestors, and who, as a good-natured and analytically thinking person – an engineer by profession – learns what crimes the Jews and their helpers have committed against the German people – and who still intend to commit further crimes – did not go off and set synagogues on fire or beat Jews to death on the street! The Jews like to draw this horrible caricature of Alfred and Monika in public. The Schaefer siblings have done what any decent German would consequently do, if he only knew the true events of history: To warn his fellow men, his German brothers and sisters – the members of the white race – about the machinations and plans of the Jews!

And this warning took place without any violence. He has put videos on the Internet where he warns mankind of the devil, and in none of these videos did he call for or incite violence against the criminals and their helpers. On the contrary! He tried to save the helpers, and even the criminals themselves, from the expected natural reactions of the masses, provoked by their actions. Alfred Schaefer – despite knowing the true guilt of the lawbreakers – still tried to protect their lives. That’s the German spirit of a man who does not find it in his heart to commit injustice; although in many other cultures short process would be made with such criminals and traitors.

For 3 years now this generous man is to be silenced in a dungeon of the Federal Republic of Germany. During these three years, you – the decent ones – have time to think about yourself and your position on our future. Three years – if the Federal Republic of Germany will last that long – when you can „humble“ yourself to send at least one card or letter to another hero of history of whom we have, unfortunately, far too few of.

Is your „patriotic“ will at least enough for this?

Write to him at:

JVA München
Alfred Schaefer
Stadelheimer Str. 12
81549 München

Here are a few videos that were partly shown „publicly“ in the Munich Process.
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Der Kampf um das Recht – Alfred Schaefer